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Spinzomedia launches a new website to ease the collaboration between brands and creators in order to minimize the stress of influencer marketing from both creators and brands.

Influencer marketing is a growing and trending topic, and with more and more people becoming creators each day, it’s harder to organize all the deadlines and take care of all communications in a timely manner. There are multiple ways to contact brands or creators, but they all require effort in order to reach the right person in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, BrandsNCreators came up with a place where both parties can find a balance, a common ground to start their collaboration on.

If you’re a creator, choosing campaigns to work on can be tricky. If you’re working on your own, it’s hard to differentiate real opportunities from scams or people who are not serious in their work ethic. You need to make sure that your identity clicks with the brand’s identity in order to keep your authenticity.

As a creator, most of your work will go towards working on the deliverables. There will be a constant back and forth with the brand to make sure that everything is as planned and this will be mixed up with all your other communication, as there won’t be any designated space for all the rounds of feedback. BrandsNCreators will act as a place where you can easily share and update your content from both sides, as a creator or as a brand.

As a brand, it’s difficult to find the right creator for a campaign. You do hours and hours of research to find the contact details of some creator that you’d wish to contact and also struggle to find who they really are and if they are suitable for your campaign. By using BrandsNCreators you will always have a list of available creators and their description and niche so that you instantly know if you should collaborate with them or not.

As a creator, you will be able to get feedback and reviews after every collaboration, which will boost your chances to rank higher and have access to more exclusive campaigns. As a brand, you will gain access to analytics after each campaign, so that you know exactly how your campaign performed.

In the end, no matter if you’re a creator or a brand, using BrandsNCreators will just make your job easier and more enjoyable, as you will have access to everything in one space, while also having constant support from a team of experts.

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